Family Holiday in the Cotswolds| Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography in the cotswolds.

This lifestyle photography experience in the beautiful Cotswolds of my family and friends was awesome for many reasons. Firstly, because if was the first time we travelled away with our friends we call family and secondly, because we all got to see how beautiful a family we really are. On the last evening before we left, we all gathering in the living room and watch a slideshow of photos of our stay together. Our kids really loved the chance to relive their exciting holiday once more before the summer holidays came to an end. For the adults, it was a great opportunity to have fun and for me to capture great portraits of each couple in a relaxed way and without the business of everyday life awaiting us back in London. Below are a few highlights of our holiday.

The tree at the entrance of Churchhill House in the cotswolds.
The front of the beautiful Churchhill House in the cotswolds.
The back of the beautiful Churchhill House in the cotswolds.
Girl playing in the play house in the country.
Playhouse in the garden of Churchhill House in the Cotswolds.
Countryside view through the window.

What is Lifestyle Photography?

According to Wikipedia, Lifestyle photography is a another genre (very similar to Family photography) that mainly aims to capture portraits of people and their friends and family in real-life event and in an creative and documentary manner. It is the art of capturing your everyday and the moments in them that you can easily forget happened. The primary goal is to tell stories about your lives or to inspire people in different times.

Even though lifestyle photography is about telling a story and documenting the subject’s natural environment, lighting and posing still plays a huge factor. Lifestyle photography is “posed” in an informal way such that the photographer gives some prompts and then documents the natural responses and candid moments that follow. Most lifestyle photographers prefer to position their subjects strategically in natural lighting for a “real-life” effect, but some often external lighting as well in a manner that looks as if it was pre-existing in the environment.

How to get the most out of your lifestyle session with your photographer

Firstly, the location should always be chosen by you, the client. You can ask your photographer to suggests some ideas for you, but the final decision should be yours. So what else can you do:

  1. Plan. Discuss with your photographer what you typically do as a couple or family that brings you joy and makes you laugh. Do you love to baking, do they have family games night that are hilarious? Whatever it is, you need to have a game plan to make the most of the time with your photographer.
  2. Ensure the kids are entertained. Kids get bored easily, so think of an activity that will keep them busy for a while. Like the holiday photos above, the two boys loved playing chess with their dads. The kids loved movie night and the parents loved chatting and joking with each other in the kitchen while cooking a meal. Though this was in the Cotswolds, we also do this regularly in London where we live and it was like an everyday thing with our loved ones.
  3. Find the perfect balance between orchestrating things like location and activities and letting thing just unfold as normal. I find that staged photos don’t really evoke emotion when you look back at them. It’s not the same as a spontaneously captured moment, where the image remembers you of exactly how you felt in that moment. The more natural, the better your photos.

Booking your own photography session

I hope you enjoyed our’s families lifestyle photography session. It was such a pleasure to capture these photos of friends (who we call family) while they relaxed, had fun and enjoyed spending time together. Because our memories fade, having professional photos of you with your kids become increasing special and treasured as time goes on. I know this from personal experience, because it feels like our daughters have grown so quickly (now 13 and 5 at the point of writing this), that these photos reminds us of a period in our lives that was so much fun and we were so happy.

If you love the idea of a relaxed family and lifestyle photography session, in a natural documentary style, then please get in touch. I would love to help you and you family capture some great memories to treasure.