Destination Wedding Photographer

Are you planning a Destination Wedding? You’re in luck because I love shooting weddings abroad too! As a Destination Wedding Photographer, I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled to places such as Cyprus, The Azores and Lisbon, Portugal for weddings and other special occasions. In addition to loving what I do, traveling for wedding photography allows me to tick off my bucket list of locations to visit. Therefore, if you are planning a destination wedding, I would love to hear what you have planned and discuss how I can best serve you. If you’re wedding in a dream location which I’ve never been to, I am willing to work as closely to your budget as possible. See below some special moments captured abroad.

Coverage from beginning to end

Making the most of your venue and picturesque location.

As couples are placing a greater emphasis on guest entertainments and adding personal touches beyond the ordinary, it's important to make the most of your destination wedding photographer to capture everything that happens. So if you're planning to have a pool party or an evening welcome reception dinner the day before the wedding and want a day-after portrait session, my destination wedding coverage has unlimited hours and set at a single price. Why, because I want you to get the most out of your destination wedding venue and the vast array of stunning locations you'll be able to choose from for your couples portraits.

If you are planning to host a second party when you return home for friends and family who weren’t able to attend; I am happy to provide coverage at a reduced rate when booked with my destination wedding collection. Contact me for more information.

I can only be part of around 35 weddings every year and each one receives the same level of creativity, artistry and attention to detail as displayed on my site. A £500 deposit is required to reserve your date(s) and take it off my availability list. The balance is then due 2 months before your wedding day.